Cytoreductive surgery and hyperthermic intraoperative chemotherapy is better with open or closed abdomen? Analysis of clinical outcomes

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Claudio Ghermandi
Lucia Cipolat
Matteo Martignani
Luca Ansaloni
Federico Coccolini
Salomone Di Saverio
Belinda De Simone *
Massimo Sartelli
Fausto Catena
(*) Corresponding Author:
Belinda De Simone |


The aim was to investigate and analyze clinical outcomes in patients submitted to hyperthermic intraoperative chemotherapy (HIPEC) with open and closed technique. This is a retrospective analysis of data about 30 patients submitted to HIPEC with open coliseum technique-group 1 and closed technique-group 2 between may 2014 and may 2015. Clinical data about intra-operative monitoring of these patients during hyperthermic chemoperfusion were matched and compared. Statistical analysis was made by SPSS program. No statistical significant difference was found in the modification of cardiac frequency (P=0.136), of the median arterial pressure (P=0.128), in central venous pressure (P=0.384), cardiac output (P=0.092), and in Stroke Volume Variation (P=0.815) between the 2 groups. Recovery time in the Intensive Care Unit was 5±3 days for group 1 and 5±2 days for group 2. Recovery time was 17±6 days for group 1 and 20±11 days for group 2. There are no data confirming better outcomes of HIPEC with open or closed technique. An experienced operating team is required to decrease morbidity and mortality rate.

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