An innovative duodenal perforation surgical repair technique: the BIOPATCH technique

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Federico Coccolini *
Stefano Raimondo
Giulia Montori
Fausto Catena
Massimo Sartelli
Fabrizio Palamara
Matteo Tomasoni
Paola Fugazzola
Marco Ceresoli
Luca Ansaloni
(*) Corresponding Author:
Federico Coccolini |


The treatment of duodenal perforations has scarce options and it is very difficult with an high failure rate. The aim of this work is to describe a new surgical technique that was used to treat ten patients suffering from duodenal perforation. The procedure based on the concept to enforce the duodenal suture with remodeling material allowing to the inflamed and oedematous tissues to heal without to be cut by the repairing stitches themselves, is performed with biological prosthesis patches. 90% of patients treated with this innovative technique experienced a complete healing of the duodenal perforation. This unique surgical technique not only proved to be safe, but it also solved the 90% of duodenal perforations in patients at risk to die.

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