Mucinous neoplasm of the appendix: management according to reviewed histologic spectral aspects

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Carlos Augusto Gomes *
Cleber Soares Junior
Federico Coccolini
Giulia Montori
Rafaela Clara Resende da Silva
Vinicius Alvarez Souza do Amaral
Paula Varginha Salgado
Priscila Viviani da Trindade de Ávila
Felipe Couto Gomes
Camila Couto Gomes
(*) Corresponding Author:
Carlos Augusto Gomes |


Of the diseases affecting the cecal appendix, mucinous neoplasms, although rare, are the most common epithelial tumor. They are often asymptomatic and diagnosed by anatomopathological exams of sections, collected during appendectomies due to acute appendicitis. These tumors have the potential to become malignant, and their early surgical handling are the most important prognostic factor. So, clinical, image, operatory and histologic spectral aspects should always take into account. The present study reports a case of mucinous neoplasm of the appendix that manifested with intestinal partial obstruction and suggests the need for a comprehensive and uniform classification, which could address the best disease first approach. The information was obtained through a patient records review, photographic documentation of the diagnostic tests and histologic study of operative specimen. In addition, the manuscript opens a discussion about the approach of choice of this complex neoplasia, since great variability persists in clinical and pathological records, due to variations in classifications and definitions. This variability in disease nomenclature may significantly impact the treatment and prognosis.

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